Saturday, 23 April 2016


The Advertiser (Adelaide) 16 December, 1908.

Mrs. Alexander Hay and Miss Hay returned 
to Adelaide yesterday by the steamer 
Waratah after an extended visit to
Europe. Whilst in England Mrs. Hay
added another book to the rapidly-growing
list of volumes which have issued from her
pen. Its title is "Archibald Menzies:
Mystic." We reviewed the work when it
appeared. This is how it is spoken of in
the columns of the London. "Literary
World'':-"This novel is sure to attract 
attention from all who are interested in the
developments that have recently taken
place in the religious world. The character
of Archibald Menzies is finely drawn, but
the author's real power is best shown in her
presentment of Maria Menzies, a character
etched with a masterly hand, and worthy
of unqualified praise."

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