Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Wm. Walter Dewey. 

General servant on "Waratah." 

Never before on ocean-going vessel. 

My quarters were in the No. 5 upper 'tween decks. After we had left Cape Town there were a couple of days during which there was a heavy swell on the sea and the vessel rolled very much, so much so that the port holes in our quarters had to be kept closed. One had been left open, and a lot of water came in and flooded one of the bunks. This water came in owing to the heavy rolling of the vessel. 

An impression is given that Waratah listed to an alarming degree for a cabin on the upper 'tween decks to be flooded. Let's not forget that Waratah had a freeboard of only 8 ft. when fully laden. It would not take much for cabins on the upper 'tween decks to be flooded in heavy swells without going beyond 4 or 5 degrees.

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