Saturday, 21 May 2016


The Mercury (Hobart) Tuesday 30 November 1909.

(maiden return voyage)

Mr. Merry referred to a rumour,
fairly well substantiated, that the
steamer nearly turned turtle in Sydney
Harbour after being loaded and taken
out into deep water. The vessel on
that occasion was reported to have listed 
so much that she had to put back
to port, where her cargo was adjusted.
A suggestion was made then that her
top deck should be taken off when she
reached London, but when the captain
reported a splendid voyage out nothing 
was done.

I think this could apply to any number of period steamers. Unless cargo was adequately stowed, coal trimmed etc.. a list could arise. The problem was sorted and Waratah did not turn turtle on her return voyage.

I am inclined to believe that the issue of modifications was raised on Waratah's return from her maiden voyage. In order to achieve this either the boat deck would have to have been removed, funnel reduced in size and height of promenade deck (1 foot higher than average decks) reduced. Not feasible in overall terms of cost. No wonder Captain Ilbery was 'ill' shortly before Waratah departed London on her second voyage...

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