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Passengers outbound, 27 April, 1909
193 steerage and 22 cabin.

* duplication

extract from:


In print: April 17, 1909.

Per Lund’s Blue Anchor Line s.s. Waratah leaving London on the 27th
inst. For Las Palmas, Cape Town, and Australia:

Miss V. M. Alcock
Mrs. Baxter
Miss Baxter
Miss E. M. Brace
Mr. A Coulter *
Mr. R. C. H. Dawes
Mr. C. H. Dean *
Mrs. A. Pierce Green
Miss Green
Master Everett Green
Mr. H. K. Hemans
Miss J. Lawson *
Lieut. Colonel F. W. Panzera
Mrs. J. Lyne     (? Lyon)
Miss D. E. Lyne     "
Miss E. P. Lyne     "    
Miss N. M. Lyne     "
Mr. W. J. Roberts
Mrs. Roberts
Mrs. Spindler
Lieut.-Colonel A. C. Tawke
Mrs. Tawke
Miss Tawke
Mr. H. Wolfenden
Miss E. A. Wood
Mrs. H. Wyndham *

Total:  23 

The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 16 June, 1909.


The Waratah the latest addition to Lunds' Blue
Anchor fleet is due at Sydney tomorrow from London
and Capetown, via ports, and will berth at the Central
Wharf, Millers Point. Appended is a list of
her passengers -
From London:

Mr. J Astley
Mr. Danvers Power
Mrs. H Wyndham *
Mr. R F Ashworth
Mr. J Abbot
Miss M Aitken 
Miss J Allen 
Mrs. M A Baker 
Miss F ? Elders 
Mr. and Mrs. F Bower and child 
Mr. H T Brown 
Mr. C Brown 
Mr. R Harden 
Mr. G ? Busey 
Mr. and Mrs. H Barnard 
Miss M Barnard
Mr. J Britton 
Mr. J A Rastick 
Mr. and Mrs. Caulfield and three children 
Mr. A Coulter *
Mr. Wm Cumming - lost with Waratah
Mr. A Dreamer 
Mr. C H Dean * 
Mr. F Dean
Miss A Dewey 
Mr. J Duncan 
Mr. Joseph Downie
Mr. J Downie
Mr. F Downie 
Miss M Dring
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Davies and two children 
Mr. A Farquhar 
Mr. H Fauns 
Mr. J W Gibson 
Mrs. Graham and child 
Misses L and C Garret 
Mr. J Gold
Miss A B Gliss 
Miss J Grenman 
Mr. H W Grenman
Mr J M. Hunter - lost with Waratah. 
Mr. H L Higgins 
Mrs. T A Henny 
Mrs. Holt and infant 
Mr. K Henderson 
Mr. and Mrs. T Hart 
Mr. L Humphreys 
Mr. Wm Hay - likely to be Mrs. Agnes Hay's son, William.
Mr and Mrs. T H Jones and child 
Mr. and Mrs. T Jenkins and three children 
Miss J Jennings 
Mr. J Kyle
Miss J D Kerr 
Messrs D and Kelley 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm Kirk 
Miss Kirk 
Miss J Lawson * 
Mr. J Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. C Lamkin 
Mr F Loveday
Mrs. Lyons and four children - ? Mrs. Lyon and Infant lost with Waratah ? 
Mr. H D Mason - Herbert Duncan Mason, witness at Inquiry.
Miss N R Millar 
Mr. H F Mildenhall 
Mr. J Raynard
Mr. J M'Gregor 
Mr. L Neave 
Mr. J Oag 
Mr. A Owers 
Mr. and Mrs. W H Peters and infant 
Mr. H Pitkin 
Mrs. Plaskett and child 
Mr. E Pritchard 
Mr. R Padley 
Miss N Pinnock 
Miss J W Reid 
Mr. H Rowe
Mr. and Mrs S Rosengold 
Mr. D RusseII
Mr W R Himmer 
Mr. J Reid 
Mr. F J Read
Miss M Rea 
Mr. R T Richards - Reginald Thomas Richards, witness at the Inquiry.
Mr. R W Senark
Mr S R Saville 
Mr. J Smith 
Miss Stanner 
Mr. J Todd 
Mr. S Taylor 
Miss E Tweddle 
Mr. S H Trumelle
Mrs. Veit and infant 
Mrs. E Wood 
Mr. F Whittaker
Mr. A E Wrlght - ? lost with Waratah ?
Mrs. L White 
Mr. J Watson
Mr. and Mrs. E Wombwell and son 
Mr. R J Whitingham 
Miss C Weston 
Mr. B C Warwick 
Mr. J Waters 
Miss L Waters
From Capetown:

Mr. J B Gerard Pan
Mr. C A Oldham 
Mr. E D Benjamin 
Mr. A J Coxton 
Mr. F Gold 
Mr. D Green 
Mr. and Mrs Harris and four children 
Miss A M Low 
Mrs. Jessie M'Quade and infant 
Mr. and Mrs. A J M'Causland 
Mr. and Mrs. M'Rae and infant 
Mr. and Mrs Poulton and two children
Mr. D P Prendergast.

Total    158

37 passengers missing from the above lists. Do any readers have further information?


Mole said...

A strange list. And apparently incomplete.

andrew van rensburg said...

In keeping with Waratah's 'strange list'.