Monday, 16 May 2016


The Advertiser (Adelaide) Saturday 25 June, 1910.

In the light of information made public
weeks after the Wakefield left on her
search voyage, and obtained more by 
accident than willingness on the part of 
those who gave it, no other result was expected.
The officers of the steamer Tottenham had
passed dead bodies near the South African
coast within a few days of the Waratah's
disappearance, bodies absolutely identified
by them as those of human beings. Yet for
some extraordinary reason they had failed
to report the matter until it was too late
to save generous Australians the expenditure 
of £4,500, and unfortunate relatives prolonged 
anxiety and in many instances serious financial 
obligations incurred to assist the searchers. If the
Tottenham's officers had promptly mentioned the 
matter, not only would the Wakefield's search 
money have been unspent, but that of the Sabine 
would also have been saved.

Rightly so !

wreck of the SS Tottenham.

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