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The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 9 December, 1909.

It has been definitely ascertained that the
following passengers from Australia landed at
Durban, on the arrival of the Waratah at that
port -
From Sydney:

Mr. J E Mullon,
Mr D R Boyce, 
Mr William Hocking, 
Mr Charles Swain, 
Mrs Swain, 
Mr H Foord, 
Mrs Foord,
Mr W Cousens (of Wellington, N Z ),
Mrs W Cousens and infant (NZ), 
Mrs F Norris (of Napier, N Z ), 
Mr G Norris (Napier, NZ), 
Detective Mynott (of the South African
Police, in charge of a prisoner), 
Constable De Beer (South African 
Police, escorting a prisoner), and 
Mr M'Loughlin (a prisoner from Brisbane), 

all of whom were booked to Durban. 

Mr Samuel Pearce, who booked to London with the option
of breaking his journey at Durban, and 
Mr S G Sawyer, who booked to Capetown, but
had business to transact in Durban.

What a revealing comment that Mr Sawyer 'had business to transact in Durban'.

From Melbourne:

Mr F C Saunders,
Mr G A Richardson, 
Mr Harold Grigg (of Long Gully or California Gully, Bendigo district,Vict), 
Mr William Milburn (of Long Gully, Vic), and 
Mr James M'Naught (of Dunedin, N.Z) 

all of whom booked to Durban and
Miss J C Ramsay who booked to Capetown

Why did she disembark at Durban ? Was she influenced by Mr Sawyer's visions ?

From Adelaide:

Mrs H Cawood,
Mr A Brookes, 
Mr E J Waters and 
Mrs Waters and infant, 

all of whom booked to Durban, and 

Mr M Morgan, who booked for Capetown.
There were anecdotal reports that Mr Morgan was influenced by Mr Sawyer.

Total landed at Durban, 29

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