Tuesday, 17 May 2016


The Register (Adelaide) Thursday 19 August, 1915.

cryptic telegram from George, an inland
town on the south coast of Cape Province,
on September 15 stated that a fisherman
had picked up, a mile outside the Zwartvlei 
fishing grounds, a piece of wood
16 ft. long, without sign of decay, and
with neither barnacles nor weeds, 
composed of two pieces joined together, one
being 5 in. wide and the other 3 in. wide,
both 21/2 in. thick. The wood appeared to
be portion of a steam pipe covering, and
was of tapped pitch-pine, painted black,
with moulding on one side only. 

It would be unlikely for such an object not to have gathered barnacles over a period of 6 years. But one never knows....

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