Sunday, 15 May 2016


The Sydney Morning Herald, Friday 17 November, 1922.

CAPETOWN, Nov. 14.
The mysterious disappearance of the steamer
Waratah off the South African coast some
years ago has been recalled by a bottle pick-
ed up In Table Bay, which had apparently
been a long time in the water. It was
stopped by lead beaten in the mouth. Inside
a piece of paper was found, on which
was written in pencil: "Send help, starving.
Waratah Island in the Antarctic."- It is 
generally believed the affair to be a hoax.

Most bottle messages were believed to be hoaxes. However, I can't help wondering about this one. As extensive as searches were, there is no guarantee that Waratah was not afloat for a considerable time and ran aground in the ice packs of the Southern Ocean. Against this thought are the prevailing currents towards the Antipodes rather than back towards Cape Town.

But one never knows for sure...............

Waratah Island ?

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