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The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 23 December, 1908.

The new steamer Waratah, of 9300 tons, the latest
addition to Lunds' Blue Anchor fleet, left Melbourne
at 10.15 am yesterday, in continuation of her voyage
from London and Cape Town, for Sydney. On arrival
here at daylight tomorrow she will berth at the Central
Wharf, Miller's Point. Appended is a list of her passengers:

From London:

Mr. H.H. Butler; Mr. M. Butler; Mr. Worthington Church; 
Miss M.G. Dun; Mr. O.H. Hoerter; Mr. E. Bowden; Mr.
and Mrs. Morley Johnson; Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Patching; Mr. N.I.
Price; Mr. G. Steele; Mr. T. Simmon; Mrs. H. Darby Thomas;
Miss Rankine Wilson; Dr. and Mrs. F. Wall and infant; Mr. H.
Askew; Mrs. Austin; Mr. J. Amiel; Mr. K. Anderson; Mr. C. Antill;
Mr. S. Appleby; Mr. and Mrs. Adams and three children;
Mrs. Allen and three children; Mr. Wm Allen; Mr. J. Ainsworth;
Mr. Wm Abbott; Mr. Chas Ayres; Mrs. (?) and three children;
Mr. Baths; Mrs. Brislow; Mr. Wm Barker; Mr. R. Bain; Mr. G.W.
Bushell; Mr. J. Barham; Mr. Wm Bird; Mr. Wm T. Bentley; Mr. and
Mrs. Buckley; Mr. and Mrs. Blizard and three children; Mr. A.
Blundell; Mr. W. Burrows; Mr Wm. Beaumont; Mr F. Burshell;
Mr. J. Payne; Mr. Wm Boyd; Mr. G. Ball; Mr. Wm Benison; 
Mr. O. Brydon; Mr. and Mrs. Browning and infant; Mr. A. Bint; 
Mr. T. Boyd; Mr. J. Heyson; Mr. Wm Binnie; Mr. J. Black; 
Mr J Barnett; Mr. J. Ban; Mr. J. Biddle; Mr H. Bromfield; 
Miss G. Butt; Mr. J. Beattie; Mr. Wm Bertram; Mr. J.H. Campbell;
Mr. J. Craig; Mr. H. Catton; Mr. I. Culbert; Mr. E. Collins; 
Mr. D.J. Clark; Mr. J.E. Chasworth; Mr. Wm Crosby; 
Mr. W.P. Castle; Mr. R Campbell (?Lloyd); Mr. F.N. Chambers; 
Mrs. A. Chapman and family (6); Mr. J. Chalmers;
Mr. E.J. Cozeter; Mr. J. Craig; Mr. G.H. Cooper; 
Mr. A.J. Crawley; Mr. W.T. Clark; Mr. and Mrs. Crichton
and two children; Mr. H. Catton; Mr. F. Cassels, jnr. 
Mr. Wm. Crollie; Mr. E. Clement; Mr. J. Cleland; Mr. G. Clark;
Mr. R. Clark; Mr. T. Clarke; Mr. P. Clarke; Mr. and Mrs. J. Chapman
and four children; Mr. M. Campbell; Mr. F. Clark; Misses I. and
E. Chapman; Mr. P. Chapman; Mr. C. Cooper; Mr. Crutchley;
Mr. Darvall; Mr. T. Dwyer; Mr. H.C. Dixon; Mr. P. Denchy; 
Mr. H. Durr; Mr. P. Davis; Mr. J. Davis; Mr. S. Dewey; 
Mr. P. Davies; Mr. J. Davidson; Mr. and Mrs. H. Dale and son;
Mr. J. Donaldson; Mr. and Mrs. W. Duncan and two children;
Mr. Downie; Mr. T. Davis; Mr. H. Davis; Mr. A.E. Evans; 
Mr. B.I. Fady; Mrs. Evans; Mr. W.H. Earp; Miss. I. Evans; 
Miss. E. Evans; Mr. A.H. Eastburn; Mr. J.H. Early; 
Mr. E. Evans; Miss Ellery, child; Mr. F. Ersterley; 
Mr. and Mrs. F. Ferneybough and child; Mr. P. Franken; 
Mr. G. Fenning; Mr. W. Fairley; Mr. N. Facer; Mr. F. Finch;
Mr. J. Furland; Mr. F. Finnie; Mr. and Mrs. G. Fail and two
children; Mr. R. Fleming; Mr. F. Finche; Mr. H. Forrest; 
Mr. A. Fairley; Mr. J. Gaffney; Mr. F.F. Guides; Mr. B.E. 
Gamble; Mr. F. Greenhouse; Miss. A. Guthrie; Mr. I.
Griffiths; Mr. P. Greehan; Mr. D. Gilham; Mr. J. Gilham;
Mr. B.M. Gillam; Mr. H.M. Gordon; Mr. J. Gurney; Mr.
and Mrs. Glover and two children; Miss. E. Graham; 
Mr. W. Gimblett; Mr. and Mrs. C. Graham; Mr. J. Harris;
Mr. D. Hetherington; Mr. J. Haydon; Mr. P. Henney;
Mr. F. Howden; Mr. H. Hume; Mr. A. Honey; Mr. R.
Hinderwell; Miss E. Hallett; Mr. J. Hill; Miss. A.
Hickson; Mr. A. Henderson; Miss. A. Holloway;
Mr. E. Handley; Mr. T. Hornby; Mr. D. Hanningham;
Mr. and Mrs. Holden; Miss. Holden; Mr. and Mrs. A. Hill;
Mr. W. Herring; Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Hodgson; Mr. H. Hillis;
Mr. F. Howard; Mr. and Mrs. J. Hornsby and child; Mr. J.
Hutchinson; Mr. Henden; Mr. E. Heaby; Mr. L. Haynes;
Mr. J.T. Hicks; Mr. F.S.C. Hubbard; Mr. M. Hitchings;
Mr. A. Ingham; Mr. F.E. Instone; Mr. J. Irwin; Mr. S.
Irving; Mr. M. Jostevin; Mr. E.J. Johnston; Mr. D. Jamieson;
Mr. S. Jamieson; Mr. R.E.J. Knapp; Mr. P. King; Mr. Wm
Kerr; Mrs. King and two children; Mr. J. Kelly; Mr. A. Kennon;
Mr. and Mrs. D. Kennedy; Mr. T. Kennan; Mr. R. Lancaster;
Mr. J. Lancaster; Mr. Wm Lindsay; Mr. P.J. Little; Mr. H.
Longdon; Mr. F. Leeks; Miss E. Larg; Mr. J. Lamphard;
Miss M. Looks; Miss H. Looks; Mr. J.M. Loch; Mr. E.
Lazenby; Mr. J. Lawson; Mr. J. Law; Mr. J. Low; Mr. D. Laing;
Mr. J. Lamont; Mr. and Mrs. H. Millar and two children;
Mr. A. Marshall; Mr. J. Mitchell; Mr. J. Masters; Mr. J.
McDonald; Mr. and Mrs. E. Martin; Miss M. Macauley;
Miss E. M'Keen; Mr. C.D. M'Clean; Mr. D. M'Intosh;
Mr. F.J. Morton; Mr. J. Martin; Mr. C. Martin; Mr. G.
Marsland; Mr. J. Marland; Mr. and Mrs. Malloy and child;
Mr. A.J. Marks; Mr. J. Milne; Mr. R. Millar; Mr. F. Marshall;
Mr. D. M'Clean; Mr. D. M'Canlar; Mr. M. Mackay; Mr. A.
Mantelow; Miss A. Miller; Mr. D. Mitchell; Mr. P. M'aleese;
Mr. J. M'Clean;  Mr. M. M'Kenna; Miss C. M'Millan; Mr.
and Mrs. T.A. Mumford; Mr. W. Mackenzie; Mr. F. Morrell;
Mr. D. Martin; Mr. A. Moalies; Mr. W.R. Markie; Mr. C.
Marsh; Mr. D. Markay; Mr. G. Mason; Mr. U.E. Midgley;
Mr. D. M'Intosh; Mr. A.E. Mills; Mr. J. M'Calock; Mr. and
Mrs. W. Middleton; Mr. T. M'Kendry; Mr. N. M'Kendry;
Mr. Mungrove; Mr. H. M'Ewen; Mr. P. M'Ewen; Mr. G.
M'Kinley; Mrs. S. Morris and one child; Mr. F. Nightingal;
Miss M. Newton; Mr. J. Nicholson; Mr. G. Newell; Mr. C. Nayler;
Mr. and Mrs. Newland and child; Mr. H. Older; Mr. Orr; Mr. G.
Osler; Miss L. Orr; Mr. L.J. O'Loughton; Miss C. Orr;
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer and child; Mr. W. Pender; Mr. D.C. Fagan;
Miss A. Palmer; Mr. and Mrs. Pearson and child; Miss A. Paget;
Mr. L. Payne; Miss R. Power; Mr. H. Piper; Mr. R. Panton;
Mr. J.H. Pileging; Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard and three children;
Mrs. Patience and child; Mr. A. Piddock; Mr. A. Pottinger;
Mr. James Porter; Mr. S. Page; Mr. P. Rowland; Mr. E. Rowe;
Mr. A. Rudd; Mrs. F. Rees and two children; Mrs. Rowe and three
children; Mr. E. Rowe; Miss B. Ridout; Miss D. Hidout; Mr. G.
Robinson; Miss J. Ross; Miss M. Rogers; Mr. P. Rogers;
Mr. G. Robinson; Mr. T. Regan; Mr. and Mrs. H. Roberts;
Mr. A.E. Roaby; Mr. and Mrs. J. Roberts and four children;
Mr. H.J. Ramsden; Mr. J.W. Rennie; Miss Rigg; Mr. T.P. Robbins;
Mr. F.W. Ripley; Mr. A. Ripley; Mr. R. Rennie; Mr. A. Stonelake;
Mr. F.H. Story; Mr. J. Seward; Mrs. Sandry; Mr. J.M. Smith;
Mr. William Sutherland; Mrs. Spitzer and child; Mr. R. Simpson;
Miss A. Sweeney; Mr. H. Smith; Miss E. Smith; Miss E. Smetham;
Mrs. W. Sydenham; Mr. F.V. Simpson; Mr. William Spencer;
Mr. W. Symons; Mr. A.F. Sharp; Mr. R. Smith; Mr. J. Smith;
Mr. H. Smith; Mr. J. Simpson; Mr. T.W. Solcer; Mr. R. Self;
Mr. James Stewart; Mr. L. Shaw; Mr. J. Stark; Mr. G. Steel;
Mr. A Spencer; Mr. J. Townson; Mr. A. Timms; Mr. J. Tennant;
Mr. A. Thackway; Mr. J. Tyson; Miss L. Tanscott; Mr. J.
Thomson; Mr. J. Tukes; Mr. G. Tupper; Mr. C. Turner;
Mr. J. Templeton; Mr. J. Thomson; Miss A. Taylor; Mr. P.
van Velman; Mrs. van Velman and two children; Mr. W. van der Hertz;
Mr. G. Vesty; Mr. G. Vitler; Mr. and Mrs. R. Whiter; Mr. W.H. Whittingham;
Mr. G. Williams; Mr. J. White; Mr. E. Walker;; Miss A. Walshe; Mr. C. Winand;
Mr. and Mrs Wilson; Mr. G. Ward; Mr. D. Walker; Mr. A. Wickes; Miss M.
Wright; Mr. G. Wetherspoon; Miss N. Wood; Miss N. White;
Mr. A. Woodhouse;  Mrs Wright and three children; Mr. C. Wright;
Mr. W. Wilkins; Mr. and Mrs E.J. Whelan; Mr. A Welfane; Mr. D.L.
Watt; Mr. Stanley Wilkins; Mr. E.G. Wells; Mr. H. Williams; Mr. D. Watt;
Mr. W. Wood; Mr. T. Warrington; Mr. J. Whittingham; Mr. W. Whitemore;
Mr. H. Webster; Mr. F. Waterman; Mr. H. Waterman; Mr. and
Mrs E. White and child; Mr. and Mrs Yeo and five children;
Miss E. Yates.

From Capetown:

Mr. C.H. Campbell; Mr. A.R. Durant; Mr. R.B. Hine; Mr. and Mrs C. Vandam;
Mr. and Mrs L.R.A. Wade and family; Mrs M. Banks; Master Banks; A. Benann;
J. Brady; Mr. W.R. Cooper; D. England; R.E. Harris; H. Heales; Mr. and Mrs Leviton
and two children; Mrs W.T. Lewis and infant; Mr. S. Lupton; Mrs J.A. Lawson and
two daughters; T. Mellor; W. MacMillan; Mrs W.H. M'Kling and infant; L.H.G. Platchett;
H.A. Schrieber; Mrs M. Squires and infant; M.A. Sullivan; S.A. Ubber; Mr. and Mrs
M. Vanse and son; C. Wedmarch; M. Wiggenhauser; F.M. Waltz; W.H. Whiting;
and Mrs Whiting.

Of the multitudes on board Waratah during her maiden Voyage, only those in bold offered witness accounts at the Inquiry. Representative ? Not likely !


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Anonymous said...

Hello again Andrew,

Professor WH Bragg, Physics Professor at Leeds University at the time, and an Adelaide (South Australia) is not listed here, but was also on the maiden voyage and gave evidence at the enquiry. See articles such as that in the Register (Adelaide) 20 January 1911, p. 5 where he says he believed her metacentre was below her centre of gravity.

Anthony Laube, State Library of South Australia