Friday, 24 June 2016


The Argus (Melbourne) Monday 13 October, 1913.


An appalling marine disaster - the worst
since the loss of the Titanic has occurred.
It is feared that over 230 people have
In the present case the disaster was caused
by fire. An outbreak occurred on the
Canadian Northern Steamship (Limited)
Company's steamer Volturno, and within
a few hours the vessel had to be abandoned
in mid-ocean.

The crew fought the flames forward and at 
8 o'clock on Thursday night an explosion 
occurred midships followed by a flight of rockets
The flames had burst through into the engine room.
Almost immediately afterwards hundreds of
passengers in lifebelts were seen huddled
together astern. The rescuers were almost
powerless. All they could do was to throw
lifebuoys and stand by to pick up the passengers.

SO many factors when considering the Harlow account and reasons for not going back to assist...

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