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The West Australian, Wednesday 5 January, 1910.

The Missing Waratah.-Mr. W. Bede
Christie will lecture this evening at the
Perth Literary Institute on the 
disappearance of the Waratah, illustrating his
remarks by means of a large map of the
Indian Ocean, showing the forces at
work in producing varying currents at
the various seasons of the year. The
drift tracks of the Waikato and the
Boveric, both of which vessels became 
disabled in the southern part of this ocean,
will be traced, also the course of the
Innsbruck bottle, all of which confirm
the contention of the lecturer that the
Waratah is still missing simply because
the currents of that particular season
carried her outside the routes of ordinary 
maritime traffic. The net proceeds
of the lecture will be handed over to the
search fund now being organised, and as
the lecture will be full of interest it is
hoped that there will be a large audience
to swell the fund. A letter was received
at last night's meeting of the Fremantle
Council from the Town Clerk of Perth
(Mr. W. E. Bold) in regard to the relief
fund to despatch a second ship to search
for the missing steamer Waratah, a
communication in connection with which
had been received from the Lord Mayor
of Melbourne, asking for the co-operation 
of the Mayor of Perth and other municipalities 
in the collection of funds.
At the insistance of Mr. Henville it was
resolved that the Mayor should receive
any contributions which ratepayers 
desired to make towards defraying this
expenses of the search, in compliance
with the request contained in the letter,
although Mr. Jones expressed the opinion
that money collected for the purpose of
searching for the Waratah would be

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