Monday, 6 June 2016


Northern Times, Saturday 11 September, 1909.

" It is impossible to form any definite theory," 
Captain Limond replied.
"The Waratah may, of course, be still
drifting about. I hope that is the
case. But on the other hand it is
more probable to my mind that in the
furious weather she in some way
broke down, and was driven on to one
of the many uncharted reefs which
exist on the South African coast. I
very much regret to give this view,
and, of course, I may be quite wrong.
I sincerely - most sincerely - trust that
I am."

If there had been a problem on board there is every possibility that Waratah was out of the regular inner steamer track, too close to shore. A fire on board would have produced significant volumes of carbon monoxide which, apart from smoke obscuring visibility, could have caused significant disorientation.

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