Saturday, 2 July 2016


The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 2 March, 1887.

Staunton W Spain, sworn and examined by Mr Want,
deposed that on the night of the collision (24 February, 1887)
he was standing near the Paragon Hotel (Orient Wharf, Sydney)
he heard the crash of the collision, and upon looking round 
he saw that it had occurred very near the centre 
of the quay and a little to the eastward , 
if it had been more to the eastward he could 
not have seen it as there was a building which 
interfered with his line of sight. The collision (Emu and Waratah)
took place about 100 yards from the Orient, and after 
the vessels struck they went a little nearer to 
the Orient. He saw the starboard lights of both
vessels after they struck, and subsequently he 
saw the red light of the Waratah.
By the Board: the Waratah was struck about 50 yards
WSW to the of where the red buoy now was , she seemed
to drag across the Emu's bow after the collision until she

In this case both the starboard and port lights of the Waratah steam ferry were clearly seen :)

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