Saturday, 30 July 2016


According to the 'General Arrangements' plan for TSS Waratah, dated December, 1907 (courtesy Turner Shipping), which focuses on the superstructure decks, there are a number of discrepancies which have become apparent. The Inquiry quoted that the bridge house was 175 ft. in length, but according to the 'General Arrangements' plan, the bridge house was only supposed to be 143 ft. in length.

The beam of the Waratah according to the 'General Arrangements' plan was 56 ft., not the Inquiry quoted figure of 59.45 ft.. In fact these (presumably original) plans outline a smaller steamer! Geelong's beam was 54 ft. suggesting that the original plans more closely matched the dimensions of Geelong, sans extra deck!

This reminds me of the Inquiry quote:

She was a larger ship than was contemplated by those rules

Ironically a deep, narrow hull is more stable and if Waratah's beam had been left at 56 ft. perhaps there would have been less stability issues.

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