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The Mercury (Hobart) Tuesday 3 August, 1909

LONDON, August 2.  

The Waratah took the following passengers and cargo:

From Sydney.-
Mrs. J. E. Mullon, Mr. S. G. Sawyer, Mr. J. C. Ritchie; Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Oslear, Mrs. Govett, and Miss Lascelles, Miss Lees and maid, Mrs Crawford, Mrs. and Miss Moore, Mrs, and Miss Hay, Mr. Saunders, Mr. Ebsworth, Mr. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs, Taylor and 2 children, Mr. S. Pearce, Mrs. Allen and 2 children, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cousens and infant, Mr. D. R. Boyce, Mr. J. M. S. Hunter, Mr. E. A. Murphy, Mr. Henderson, Mr. A. Wright, Miss. A. Wright, Mr. Wm. Hocking, Mr Wm. Cumming, Mr. and Mrs. C. Swain,Mr. and Mrs. H. Flood, Mrs. Harwood,Mr. F. Norris, Mr. G. Norris, Mrs. Harvey, Miss Miller, Mr. Harvey, Mr. and Miss Bowden, Miss. L. Schauman, Miss D. Schauman, Mr. R. Keys, Mr. C. Murphy,Mr. Barklemore.
The principal lines of cargo shippedwere:-
700 bls wool, 600 tns oats, 100 tnsflour, 300 tns lead, 227 tns timber, 129 blsfur skins, 48 pkgs leather, 500 tns tallow,1,520 css meats, 30 tons furniture, 150 blscuttings, 40 bls gluepieces, 30 bls rags, 34bls sheepskins, 1,050 bxs butter, 3,000 crtsrabbits, 1,000 carcases mutton, and alarge quantity of sundries.

From Melbourne.-
Mr. J. E. Mullon.Mr. S. G. Sawyer. Mr. B. Oslear, Mrs. Oslear, Mr. Wilkinson, Mrs. Starke, Miss Starke, Mrs. J. W. Wilson, Miss L. Wilson, Mr. F. C. Saunders, Mr. G. A. Richardson, Mrs. Wilson, Miss Wilson, Mr. J. Ebsworth, Mrs. Govett, Miss Lascelles, Mr. Neil Black, Miss M. Campbell, Mr. W. K. Jamieson, Lieut.-Colonel Browne, Miss Lees and maid, Mrs. A. B. Woods and child, Miss Hay, Miss Hay,Mr. Morgan, Mrs. Cawood, Mr. E. B. Page, Mrs. E. B. Page, Dr. Fulford.

For Durban: 925 bxs butter, 50crts rabbits, 10 crts-hares, 30 bgs peas.
For London : 
2,023 bls wool, 862 tns flour,100 tns wheat, 50 tns oats, 21 pkgs wine,95 tns tallow, etc., 3,512 crts rabbits, 550bls skins, 63 bls hides, 38 bls leather, 112tns metal type, and a large quantity of sundries.
I have quoted the period article as it appeared in the press. It has limitations in that it does not list passengers embarking at Adelaide. In previous posts the names are listed, but for completeness of this post, here are the passengers who embarked at Adelaide: (courtesy Suzanne-Jo Leff Patterson)

1st Class – Port of Embarkation – Adelaide

Mrs H Cawood                              For Durban
Mr M Morgan                               For Durban
Colonel Browne                            For Cape Town
Miss Lees                                       For Cape Town
Miss Lees maid (Miss Cook)       For Cape Town 
Mrs Hay                                         For London
Miss H Hay                                    For London
Miss Jones                                     For London

3rd Class

Mr Jas McNaught                        For Durban
Mr A Brookes                               For Durban
Mr Waters                                    For London
Mrs Waters                                  For London
Infant                                            For London

Mr R Lowenthal                          For London

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