Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Professor Bragg confirmed that Waratah was tender during her maiden voyage. All of this I have gone over repeatedly. However, he did comment that Waratah's stability improved as she neared Durban (maiden voyage, inbound). On the surface this does not make sense. GM depended on dead weight and if a significant amount of coal was burned off, one would think that a vessel would become more tender, rather than the opposite. In the case of Waratah coal stowed in the 'tween decks at 42 cubic feet to the ton reduced GM by shifting the centre of gravity up in the hull. By burning off this component of coal the centre of gravity would have been lowered, improving GM. This in effect proved that coal in the 'tween decks had to be replaced by cargo at 100 cubic feet to the ton to improve overall stability - which is exactly what the builders recommended!

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