Monday, 22 August 2016


"In support of his statement,
he quoted the case of the wrecked
steamer Maori, which went ashore
near Duiker Point some time ago,
breaking her back on the rocks."

"The latter part of the vessel completely
disappeared, and no trace of its wreckage
was ever found. Nor did any portion
come ashore of the boat in which
the captain and some of the crew
sought to reach safety."

Wreck discovered in recent time.

"The stability of the Waratah, and
how far it was affected by the oats
and cargo she had on board when she
left Durban, are questions which have
continuously been raised."

There was alleged to have been as much as 600 tons of oats on board Waratah. This was a significant component of cargo which was not loaded in the lower most holds, contributing to GM lowering (see image below). Presumably the oats were contained in bags which did not have the same shifting potential as oats loaded directly into holds of steamers primarily designated for the transport of grains. It is interesting, however, that this component of cargo received specific mention.

courtesy David Willers' 'In Search of the Waratah'.

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