Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Mr. Hoehling remarked in his book that when loaded Waratah 'drew between 29 and 35 ft.' which ensured stability, even in adverse conditions. 

The Inquiry quoted that Waratah had a maximum draft of 30 ft. 4 1/2 inches (30.375 ft.). 35 ft. is 4.6 ft. over her limit! Waratah's depth of hull was in the region of 39 ft. which would have left about 4 ft. freeboard! I am inclined to accept the data listed in the Inquiry report suggesting Waratah departed Durban 26 July with about 28 ft. 3 in. forward and 29 ft. 5 in. aft.  But having said this it is interesting, coming from an experienced maritime historian with appropriate timeline knowledge of steamers, that he would make such a claim, reinforcing my own beliefs (covered many times on this blog) that Waratah was too heavy / overloaded and needed to be such in order to offset her potential top heaviness.

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