Monday, 15 May 2017


Townsville Daily Bulletin, 17 April, 1925
(Australian press Association.)

LONDON, April 15.

A fierce fire broke out on the
steamer Mont Laurier, 17,000 tons,
while she was undergoing repairs in
the dry dock at Birkenhead. The
fore part of the vessel was destroyed
though four fire brigades, divided into
30 sections, were occupied all the
morning before the fire was put out.
The forward plates were white hot,
and the firemen had the greatest
difficulty in getting near. Two were
overcome by fumes, although they
wore smoke masks. A number of fire-
men climbed to the top deck and
formed a human ladder in order to
fasten up the scaffolding to hold the
hose. The damage is estimated at

White hot plates could cause a breach in structural integrity. This might have been a further reason for Waratah disappearing within minutes astern of the Harlow. Note that not even smoke masks could adequately combat the dangers of smoke inhalation.

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