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The Northwestern Advocate, 11 September, 1909.

LONDON, Friday. .— Mr. Thomas
Summerbell (Labor) yesterday asked
several questions in the House of 
Commons respecting the manning 
of the missing steamer Waratah, 
which are suggestive of a weak 
and incompetent crew being on 
board. Mr. Winston Churchill, 
President of the Board of Trade, 
refused to make any statement 
pending the inquiry which will
necessarily be instituted.

Outrageous! 119 were gone to a watery grave without EVER having the opportunity to defend themselves or explain the circumstances surrounding the sequence of events leading to the loss of the Waratah. It certainly did not take long for the aspersions to be cast; and far cast, well into the modern era. Shameful and disgraceful!!

Crew List:

P.R. Alexander - general servant
W.R. Allen - general servant
C. Allen - able seaman
G.W. Ambrose - able seaman
H. Barr- carpenter's mate
C. Baxter - general servant
A. Bellringer - trimmer
W. Belshaw - able seaman 
F. Benson - trimmer
A. Blake - general servant
R. Bocker - fireman and trimmer
P. Bonham - general servant
A. Brown - fireman and trimmer
L. Burgess - general servant
C. Butcher - fireman and trimmer
W.M. Campbell - general servant
J.C. Clark - assistant steward
J. Clarke - fireman and trimmer
N. Clarke - apprentice
W. Comper - greaser and fireman
J. Conn - greaser and fireman
J. Costello - able seaman
T. Coulson - trimmer
A. Cumming - greaser and fireman 
H. Dance - trimmer
A. Dennison - general servant
G. Dixon - trimmer
F. Dorander - fireman and trimmer
W. Edwards - general servant
A.R. Francis - general servant
C. French - fireman and trimmer
H.C. Fulford - surgeon
A. Georgeson - boatswain
H.A. Gibbs - apprentice
S.E. Gorham - pantryman
R.A. Hamelton - refrigerating engineer
J. Hamilton - junior engineer
C. Hammond - general servant
H.W. Harding - general servant
W. Harding -  - able seaman
O.E. Haysom - butcher
H.F. Hemy - second officer
G.W. Hodder - chief engineer
T. Humphreys - senior third engineer
F.T. Hunt - junior engineer
A. Hunter - second engineer
J.E. Ilbery - master
J. Immelmann - fireman and trimmer
T. Ings - general servant
P. Isaacs - general servant
J. Jacobson - fireman and trimmer
J.H. Jamieson - senior fourth engineer
J. Jewers - officer
J. Jones - second baker
J. Kelly - trimmer
K. Lindross - fireman and trimmer
J. Lydiard - fireman and trimmer
A. Martin - able seaman
H. McCrone - trimmer
M. McIlver - able seaman
W. McKierian - trimmer
W. McPhee - general servant
G. Meek - trimmer
P.F. Monaghan - general servant
F. Monk - fifth engineer
A.P. Moore - able seaman
J.P. Morgan - third officer
P. Murray - sculleryman
J. Nelson - fireman and trimmer
T. Newman - able seaman
A. Nicholls - forecabin steward
C. Owen - chief officer
P. Oxford - barman and storekeeper
K. Papinean - pantryman
S. Pearson - donkeyman
A.E. Phillips - baker and confectioner
F. Poland - assistant butcher
W. Rackliff - able seaman
W. Reinsch - fireman and trimmer
R. Robinson - ordinary seaman
W.B. Rogers - general servant
E. Rumbold - general servant
A. Sach - cook
F. Sale - cook
C. Samuelson - fireman and trimmer
A. Sandon - trimmer
E.J. Schafer - boatswain's mate and lamp trimmer
O. Schelier - fireman and trimmer
H. Seiffort - fireman and trimmer
F. Shasal - assistant pantryman
J.Shea - able seaman
P. Skailes - purser and chief steward
H.G. Smith - able seaman
W. Smith - storekeeper and refrigerating greaser
W. Smith - general servant
C.W. Southwell - cook
E. Stace - boatswain's mate
J. Steel - trimmer
B. Steiner - greaser and fireman
E. Sterne - general servant
G. Sudbury - general servant
E. Swan - stewardess
H. Tanner - fireman and trimmer
H. Taylor - trimmer
S. Templeton - chief cook
W. Thomas - general servant
W. Thornton - trimmer
G. Thruston - fourth officer
F. Trott - general servant
C. Turkle - able seaman
W. Waite - able seaman
R. Walker - carpenter
E.J. Walters - general servant
W. Walters - greaser
F.M. Wellington - general servant
W.G. White - general servant
S. Whitehorn - stewardess
A. Woodcock - general servant
G. Wyborn - general servant

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