Friday, 2 June 2017



built by Barclay Curle & Company Glasgow,
Yard No 577 
Engines by Shipbuilder

Propulsion: Twin screw 2 x 3cyl 4050ihp 13 knots
Launched: Wednesday, 14/07/1920
Built: 1920
Ship Type: Passenger Cargo Vessel
Tonnage: 8342 grt
Length: 465 feet
Breadth: 58 feet
Owner History:
British India Steam Navigation Company Glasgow & London
Status: Bombed & Sunk - 25/05/1940

One would think that Barclay, Curle and Co had burned their fingers with the Waratah, but no, they put this top heavy steamer onto the Clyde in 1920. Somehow she survived until being bombed in 1940. Note that she was exactly the same length as Waratah, with a narrower beam, and a top hamper which made Waratah's look like a flopped souffle. Also, Mashobra was expected to operate with a low power output of 4050 ihp, even less than Waratah's!!

And yet she survived!

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